Arca Sgr wins the 53rd Barcolana


Arca Sgr by Furio Benussi with Lorenzo Bressani in the tactic wins the 53rd Barcolana presented by Generali, one of the most demanding editions in history.

The Bora wind, in a “katabatic version” with short and intense gusts descending vertically over the Gulf, characterized the course of the race, making strategic the work of the tacticians – committed to deciphering intermittent gusts from five to 42 knots – and of the crews. called to respond effectively to changes in the attitude of ships.

“A very demanding regatta for the teams at sea and the organizers – declared the president of SVBG Mitja Gialuz – in which the Regatta Committee made rightly conservative sporting decisions, which responded in the first place to the safety requirements, both in the early morning, excluding minor categories, such as during the regatta, canceling the class 2 helmet test at that time in order to speed up their return to ports. In this context, the safety device worked very well in a dozen situations that required prompt intervention at sea. I thank the Port Authority, all the police forces and the volunteers of the organization for the great work they have done. I thank the competitors for competing with the utmost awareness of the weather conditions ”.

The sporting chronicle of the regatta sees a start with the largest helmets concentrated in the Barcola area, where the Bora blew more clearly: Gasper Vincec’s Way of Life with Maurizio Bencic at the helm and Lorenzo Bodini in the tactic was the best to start on the line, in perfect timing, when the gusts blew between 30 and 40 knots. Arca Sgr positioned itself further to the windward side, with an impeccable choice of sails: the two crews carried out the first section at loading pace, with Way of Life in first position and Arca Sgr following.

The passage to the first buoy, which took place about 15 minutes from the start, well below the target time of 17 minutes predicted by the instruments on board, saw a gap of 40 seconds between Way of Life and Arca Sgr, and a exceptional third place for Adriatico Europe with Dušan Puh, a Vallicelli 60 with a great past in Barcolana. Positions were unchanged until the move to Mark 2: once upwind, Way of Life had the mainsail hitch broken in the mast after a strong gust. Arca Sgr took the lead in the regatta, starting the race to a great victory, held in Boa 3 in front of Miramare Castle. In fact, the Race Committee has chosen to shorten the course, preventing the helmets from being exposed to the strongest gusts under Barcola. The triumph of Furio Benussi, Lorenzo Bressani and Stefano Spangaro comes 1 ‘and 57’ ‘ahead of Way Of Life, who managed to get in shape and maintain second place. In third place came Maxi Jena with Milos Radonjic at the helm. Fourth place for Adriatic Europa: Dušan Puh literally flew a 60 foot meter. Fifth place is Alberto and Claudia Rossi ‘s Woodpecker Bucket, first in the cruiser class.