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Apex 850. The world’s largest sloop


Apex 850, a new giant sloop by Malcolm McKeon and Royal Huisman

The planned Apex 850 will take her place as one of the five largest sailing yachts in the world, measuring 85m above decks and with a towering 107m mast.

Malcolm McKeon and Royal Huisman are shaping the world’s largest sloop, the Apex 850.

With 85m on deck, this yacht’s mast rises 107m above the water, dwarfing the former Mirabella V, currently the largest in the world.

The Apex 850 will be one of the five largest sailboats in the world.

Says its designer McKeon. “Its retractable keel, optimized weight distribution and limited heel angle will provide stability, comfort and safety for everyone on board. The Apex 850 sailing experience will be sensational, with speeds exceeding wind speed in most conditions.”

The Apex 850‘s hull is aluminum, and corrosion free. The living work is completed with two rudders and a deep retractable keel that stretches the draft to 8.5 meters (5 when it is up) to maintain balance and stability.

The design of the Apex 850 is a very radical one. The all-glass roof appears to float above the deck surface. Below is 200m2 of space to eat and rest, which can be open or fully enclosed. The windows open and the sliding glass doors can be lowered to create a large space.

Open wings in the quarters expand the lounging space and complement the huge 50m2 foldable beach club in the transom, which includes a custom gym.
It has direct access from the owner’s suite, through a private beach club and a cinema with floor-to-ceiling glass curved to match the hull lines.

At mast level, the shell doors open outside the hull on both sides to provide balconies attached to the upper deck with a graceful staircase.

Accommodation includes four double cabins plus an astonishing master that spans the yacht’s 15 meter beam.

The ship includes a 1,000-bottle wine cellar, a cigar humidor, and a well-equipped dive center amidships.
On deck, there is a 26-foot (8 m) two-tender garage below the foredeck.

With the diesel-electric propulsion system with 1000 kW battery banks, the yacht can operate in silent mode for maneuvering in port, hoisting sails and spending the night at anchor.
“While sailing, the APEX 850 can easily develop more than 150kW of power, allowing it to cross the ocean without the use of any fossil fuels, and still provide enough power to operate all the demands of guests and crew.” McKeon adds.


Length: 85.00m 279ft 0in
Beam: 15.00 m 49 ft 3 in
Draft: 5.00 m-8.50 m (16 ft 5 in-27 ft 11 in)
Displacement: 1,000 tons
Sail area: 4,700m2 50,590ft2
Builder: royalhuisman.com

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