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Whale sinks 44 ft boat in Pacific Ocean

Sailing crew narrowly escape after giant whale capsizes 44-foot boat in Pacific Ocean

Rick Rodriguez and three friends spent 10 hours on a lifeboat and dinghy after a giant whale sank their 44-foot Raindancer sailboat in the Pacific Ocean.

It happened at 1:30 p.m. m. March 13, during a planned three-week sailing excursion from the Galapagos Islands to French Polynesia.

After hearing a loud noise, Rodríguez and his crew were thrown from the great impact, and they quickly issued a mayday on the VHF radio and sent an emergency position.

The Peruvian coast guard picked up the distress signal by notifying a Coast Guard station in California, alerting Tommy Joyce, who was sailing 180 miles behind Rodríguez.

Shortly thereafter, Geoff Stone answered one of Rodney’s emergency calls from a friend and coordinated his rescue with Joyce and Peruvian officials aboard their 45-foot Rolling Stones boat.

He is now safely aboard the Rolling Stones, which are expected to arrive in French Polynesia on Wednesday.

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