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Virtual Valencia Boat Show reveals the definitive design

Virtual Valencia Boat Show reveals the definitive design of the virtual stands.

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show boat show has become a great virtual event after the outbreak of the pandemic, and offers its exhibitors a safe alternative, since the show can be held regardless of weather conditions, and without geographical barriers. It is an event capable of reaching a fully segmented global audience.

This virtual proposal is based on innovation, ease of service and online sales for the customer. With the possibility of total customization of the stands in real time.

The entrance to the Virtual Valencia Boat Show will be an aerial view of La Marina de València, from where you can access the different exhibition areas, the press area, events, conferences, and a virtual tour.

The virtual stands have been designed in materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum.

The Virtual Valencia Boat Show stands have interactive elements that allow the exhibitor to show all their products in an attractive way, making the visitor feel inside a real stand, using 360º images, which allow a high level of immersion in the environment and a great interactive capacity.

The stands have virtual screens that can house galleries of images, videos and interactive content that the exhibitor can configure in real time in a simple and intuitive way.

Virtual Valencia Boat Show

The visitor will be able to access all the contents, buy products, speak live with the exhibitor through chat or videoconference, attend webinars, events and talks.

The content is playable in any web browser, available for any device anywhere in the world.

Mobile devices that have a gyroscope allow you to view and tour the stand using the movement of the device.

The big brands have already confirmed their presence at Virtual Valencia Boat.



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