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Vendée Globe.The elastic stretches and relaxes

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The differences are rapidly changing between the top 10 competitors in the fleet.

Up front, Yannick Bestaven stumbles into a light-wind zone off Brazil. Therefore, the elastic could “relax” with a probable adjustment of the head of the fleet in the next 48 hours. The persecuting group continues to play on depression.

Charlie Dalin (Apivia) and Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut) sail downwind in the northern part of the depression. The group that goes from Damien Seguin (Groupe APICIL) to Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) continues sailing to windward to avoid this low that is heading towards the Southeast. They will find more favorable conditions once in the northern quadrant of this system.

Master CoQ IV should find some wind again with the high pressure building across South America since Saturday, while the pursuers will be downwind, still under the influence of the low. Banque Populaire (Clarisse Cremer) and l’Occitane en Provence (Armel Tripon) will have a more direct trajectory, downwind, which should allow them to get closer to the “peloton”.

In the Pacific, conditions are always windy for all competitors. Miranda Merron and Clément Giraud are sailing at full throttle with a 35-46 knot wind ahead of a low from New Zealand. Conditions should improve for them during the day.

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