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Vendée Globe Strategy V 2.0 for Bureau Vallee 2

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Strategy V 2.0 for Bureau Vallee 2

Since repairing in the shelter of Macquarie Island, Louis Burton has reconnected with the main pack of ‘hunters’. And his repairs means that Bureau Vallée 2 is pretty much at full potential.

Speaking this morning he said, “It’s a little windier than expected on the files. It must be said that the forecast here is not so precise. We have a flat sea and the skies are starting to clear a little: which is a good omen, the wind will perhaps settle down in the hours to come. It’s great to see that my repairs from Macquarie Island are holding up: it was worth that battle! It’s like a Christmas present, because it’s very positive for me: I was able to get closer to this group.

“I think it’s interesting for the race in general that there are so many boats together. It’s going to be a good battle, at least until Cape Horn! Now I have complete confidence in my boat, so I am going on shorter routes, pushing in the south but it is not easy because I have had violent conditions a few times. But now, things are a little different because I have to preserve my boat from her on in. We have been out here for a few days and not everything is as strong and reliable as at the beginning. I have to pay attention to the material: there is more compression in the mast for example. Technical problems are a game-changer now. Unless an option can offer a sensible bonus, I won’t risk going into “hot” situations anymore if I can do without. In addition, we are going to have the next few days downwind in the breeze and these are not the conditions that the foil boats are the fastest in the fleet. My strategy now is to get into and stick with the pack until Cape Horn. There will be more opportunities in the North and South Atlantic! Also after Macquarie I have been very tight on the AEZ and that has not allowed much rest.”

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