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“The Edge” and U2 Bono enjoy their yacht “Cyan” in Ibiza

Bono and U2’s “The Edge” enjoy the yacht Cyan in Ibiza

U2 members Bono and guitarist “The Edge” were spotted this week enjoying a trip to the beaches of Ibiza.

The rockers, aged 61 and 60 respectively, spent the day swimming and enjoying the shoreline while having lunch on the beach and staying on the David Howell Evans-owned luxury yacht “Cyan” “The Edge”.

“For years it was a dream for me to own a yacht, but to be honest, it was a bit out of my reach. So with some friends we bought the Cyan. I don’t know where the story that Bono is the owner came from. He doesn’t know anything about ships “said” The Edge “.

The Edge” was acquired with his friends in 2008 and is currently valued at 16 million dollars, measures just over 42 meters, has six cabins and has accommodation for 12 people.

The Cyan has a long list of luxuries, including a deck hot tub, a state-of-the-art music system, a swim platform, a large dining room, and a luxurious bar. She was built in 1997 by Codecasa Yachts and had a rental price of between 140,000 and 175,000 euros, depending on the time of contract.

Edge’s wife, Morleigh Steinberg, spent several months overseeing a total redesign of the yacht, which included a new paint job.

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