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Transpac – Register to sail one of the world’s classic yacht races

The Transpacific Yacht Club (TPYC) wants to remind the offshore sailing community that it’s not too late to register to sail one of the world’s classic yacht races: this year’s 52nd edition of the Transpac. This biennial 2225-mile race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, first run in 1906, is a must-do for all offshore sailors, particularly those based in the Pacific.

The race will have three start dates this year: June 27th, June 29th and July 1st, when successive waves of entries sail from the start at Point Fermin in San Pedro to head 2225 miles west to the finish line at Honolulu’s iconic Diamond Head. The enduring attraction of this race is the challenge of racing on all points of sail while leaving the cool waters off the California coast for the balmy tropical trade winds of Hawaii.

There are numerous pre-race requirements needed to enter this race – attend Safety at Sea seminars, sail qualification offshore passages, have the boat measured, and more – but TPYC commodore Tom Trujillo says there is still plenty of time left to register and prepare.

“With four months to go there’s still time to get prepared, and it’s worth it: this race is truly one of the world’s best,” he said. “The weather just gets better and better the closer you get to Honolulu, there is a spirit of both competitiveness and cooperation among the teams, and the Aloha hospitality both before and after the race is unparalleled. This is why we have a solid level of participation at 66 entries so far, and there’s plenty of room for more, so join us!”

Entry fees increase after March 1st, so sign up today to register for the 52nd Transpac:

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