Tom Morey, the inventor of the bodyboard, has passed away


Tom Morey, inventor of the bodyboard, two months after turning 86, passed away.

Dies, the architect of one of the star sports in the waves of the sea

Tom Morey suffered from serious vision problems that barely allowed him to see anything and he was without money, he was always more of an inventor than an entrepreneur and that is why he had reached this situation.

Tom Morey leaves behind bodyboarding, a sport that he invented after starting his adventure with surfing and a job as an engineer in an aerospace company, which gave him the knowledge to experiment with materials at sea.

In 1971, after moving to Hawaii from California, he broke a foam surfboard in two, shaped the foam, covered it with waterproofed newspaper, and created the Boogie Board.

He himself was in charge of testing it by getting into the water with his fins on his feet, one meter waves, finding a new way to feel the wave.