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The Ocean Race – Leg 4 finish updates

Biotherm on the home stretch to Newport… ETA 0530 local time Thursday

Learn how to follow the leg 4 finish live from Newport here

You can follow live via Eurosport here

1000 UTC – 0600 local time – It’s been a beautiful sunrise in Newport but the wind close to shore is very light. Slow progress on these final miles for Biotherm, but they’ll get here…  maybe within the hour.

0820 UTC – 0420 local time – Biotherm is making fast progress towards the finishing line, expected in an hour or so at 0530 local, 0930 UTC.

2115 UTC – 1715 local time: Read our finish report here

2100 UTC – 1700 local time: Biotherm has slowed, so their ETA has slid back into Thursday morning local time.

1919 UTC – 1519 local time: Finish time for Team Malizia is 19:13:22 UTC

2055 UTC – 1455 local time: Team Malizia will be next, and will earn 4 points for a second place finish. Both 11th Hour Racing Team and Team Malizia will be sitting on 18 points, but the American team will win the tie break with a better position on the in port leaderboard.

2045 UTC – 1445 local time: Finish time for 11th Hour Racing Team is 18:41:41 UTC

2041 UTC – 1441 local time: The ship’s horns are bellowing in Newport in celebration of skipper Charlie Enright and the home team, 11th Hour Racing Team, earning full points on leg 4 of The Ocean Race.

1839 UTC – 1439 local time: They’re going to do it!! 11th Hour Racing Team will win leg 4 into their home port of Newport, Rhode Island.

1830 UTC – 1430 local time: Not far from Castle Hlll lighthouse and the entrance towards Newport for 11th Hour Racing Team. This will be a terrific win for the team.

1805 UTC – 1405 local time: 13 miles to go and a 10 mile lead… surely this is a commanding position for Charlie Enright’s 11th Hour Racing Team. The wind is up at Fort Adams as well, so they should be fast through the finishing line.

1755 UTC – 1355 local time: Breeze is on!! Boat speeds are up and the ETA is now between 1430 and 1500!!

1730 UTC – 1330 local time Newport: Navigator Simon Fisher on 11th Hour Racing Team says, “We are reaching in, the breeze is filling in as forecast and things are looking good for an afternoon finish in Newport. We wanted to be between Malizia and the new breeze… and generally it’s been alright. We still have some miles on them and so far so good.”

1720 UTC – 1320 local time Newport: As forecast, the sea breeze is building and 11th Hour Racing Team is steaming towards its home port of Newport, Rhode, Island. The ETA is now in about 2 hours – 1930 UTC / 1530 local time

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