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The first man to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat

Dave ‘Dinger’ Bell , the first man to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat from New York to Europe

A former Royal Marine has successfully completed a paddle across the Atlantic Ocean.

Dave Bell arrived in Newlyn in Cornwall around 1pm Sunday after 119 days alone at sea.


His team believes that he is one of the first people to successfully row unsupported from New York to continental Europe.

On the way he was stung by a jellyfish, hit by great storms, and revealed that he is afraid of open water.

Upon his arrival at Newlyn Harbor, Bell of Bere Regis in Dorset said, “I will never do anything dangerous again” and celebrated with a cup of coffee and a plate of chicken and pasta.

Due to changing weather conditions and incoming winds, he decided to make landfall at Newlyn, rather than Falmouth, as planned.
His final effort consisted of paddling nonstop for 40 hours after entering challenging weather on the Isles of Scilly.
Organizers said “it’s been a tough couple of days waiting for him to arrive” and an RNLI lifeboat greeted him and helped guide him for the last three miles.
Several people gathered to welcome him ashore, including his partner, brother and father.
The expedition was self-funded and the funds raised went to two charities, The SBS Association and Rock 2 Recovery UK.

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