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The Big Boats return to the Copa del Rey

The Big Boats return to the Copa del Rey  of Vintage Boats in Mahón

The regatta will be part of the new international circuit The Mediterranean Champions Club for the first time

The magnificent rate of entries indicates that this year’s edition of the Copa del Rey de Repsol Vintage Boats will be one of the great ones. 22 boats have already registered to date in the regatta organized by the Club Marítimo de Mahón, so it would not be surprising if the number of boats in competition reaches fifty on August 24, the day of the premiere of the eighteenth edition.

The manager of the Club Marítimo de Mahón, Nacho Marra, is very optimistic: “From the organization we are getting a pleasant surprise. At the moment we already have 22 registered, most of them foreigners and of important lengths. After the pandemic, people really want to sail and I am convinced that we will have a very good fleet at the end of August”.

In fact, according to Marra, it can already be confirmed that this year the Big Boats, boats over 30 meters in length, will return to Mahón: “I never like to personalize boats, but we are very excited that we had not had no entry in the Big Boats category. However, at this moment we already have two, one with an English flag, the Mariette (1915), and the Sumurum (1917), with a French flag. This will help encourage other boats in these categories to come to Menorca to compete with each other”.

The Mahón classic boat regatta, one of the references in the Mediterranean for classic boat regattas, will be held between August 24 and 28. The event has become the latest addition to the new regatta circuit for historic boats, The Mediterranean Champions Club. “It is -says Marra- an international circuit organized by the Vintage&Classic Yacht Club, made up of a set of five tests, two in France, two in Italy and one in Spain, which will be Mahón”, explains the club manager organizer. In this way, the King’s Cup for Vintage Boats will be a scoring event for this new international circuit and also, as usual, for the Mare Nostrum Classics Trophy – Spanish Classic Sailing Cup.

On this occasion the regatta has been divided into five categories: Vintage, Classics, Spirit of Tradition, Great Ships and Schooners. The registration deadline is August 9. The first two days of the regatta, August 24 and 25, will be devoted to registration and inspection tasks, in addition to the skippers’ preparatory meeting for the regatta. Then there will be three days of regatta to enjoy these beautiful classic boats sailing in the waters of Mahón. The trophy delivery ceremony on Sunday, August 28, at seven in the afternoon, will put an end to this year’s edition.

The King’s Cup for Vintage Boats is organized by the Mahón Maritime Club, by delegation of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV), with the collaboration of the Royal National Cruise Association (RANC) and the Balearic Sailing Federation ( FBV). The Consell Insular de Menorca, the Maó Town Hall, the Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca and the Balearic Islands Port Authority also collaborate in the regatta, and it is sponsored by Repsol.

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