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“Tesla of the Seas” Zero Emission Ship Concept

“Tesla of the Seas”

Windship Technology, a British company has presented a new conceptual design for a commercial boat that uses a combination of carbon sequestration, solar and wind assisted to achieve “true zero” emissions.

Windship Technology calls it “The Tesla of the seas.” It features 48-meter high triple wing platforms that can be stowed on deck to aid with navigation on restricted-height waterways.

Its diesel-electric propulsion system will also incorporate large solar panels, carbon capture, an optimized hull, and specialized weather routing software in the overall design package to remove CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate matter to “True Zero.”

The design, which is currently applicable to bulk carriers and oil tankers, was developed by Windship Technologies.

The holistic approach demonstrated in this solution whereby wind energy, solar energy and reducing harmful exhaust emissions to zero are effectively combined, means that there is finally a design solution that the International Maritime Organization can champion. to achieve your requirements. for ‘at least’ zero carbon transport

Windship has now also partnered with the international classification society DNV to further develop its concept.

It is an important step to demonstrate a true zero emission status. The industry cannot sit back any longer. Time is ticking and regulation will force a new approach to an industry that is traditionally hesitant to change. Shipping and oil companies are the only major industries that continue to increase their emissions and they must change and think differently if they are to have any hope of meeting the emissions targets set by law.

Windship Technology and its project that aims to help transform the entire shipping industry to True Zero. DNV is preparing to verify the safety and operability of ships with Windship technology installed, providing information in a totally transparent way.

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