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Team Malizia grab second place points over 11th Hour Racing Team

Nearly 6 hours after Team Holcim-PRB led the fleet through the leg 3 scoring gate, German skipper Boris Herrmann’s Team Malizia have earned 4 points from a second place position line.

Team Malizia crossed the gate at 23:44:08 UTC, just over an hour ahead of Charlie Enright’s 11th Hour Racing Team who secured 3 points for third place at 00:54:31 UTC on Monday morning.

“I can’t be happier and I can’t be more proud of this team,” said Rosalin Kuiper on Team Malizia as they crossed the virtual line representing the finish.

“We pushed so hard the last 24 hours and Sunday afternoon we overtook 11th Hour Racing… It’s a big achievement for our team… We did it! This is the finish of something, but also the start of a new second (half to the) leg and we will send it! We’re more driven than ever.”

“I am so happy we have crossed this line in second place. We pushed really hard and this marker meant a lot to us as a team,” said skipper Boris Herrmann. “For the last 48 hours I was really focused on getting the boat over the line in one piece. The sea state was quite difficult to navigate safely and there is always a balance between pushing and preserving the boat. I think we found that balance and the boat sails amazingly well in these conditions.”

In the two boatfeeds below you can see how close the racing has been on Sunday during this final push for points:


Meanwhile, Biotherm, led by skipper Paul Meilhat, has dropped off the pace slightly over the weekend, and would collect 2 points for a fourth place finish at the scoring gate. The team crossed the line at 04:10:06 UTC on Monday morning.

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