Sailmon, a innovator in the sailing industry, to announce the availability of free tracking on the water through its revolutionary platform.
The Sailmon App is now completely accessible without the need for a Sailmon device, opening incredible opportunities to maximize your sailing experience using just your phone. Capture every thrilling moment on the water and explore a debrief at your fingertips with endless possibilities.

“At Sailmon, our mission has always been to ensure that advanced tracking technology is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or type of sailing. We firmly believe that such technology can enhance the on-water experience for everyone, whether you aim to improve and succeed or simply have a fantastic time with friends and family.

“Whatever your purpose may be, the Sailmon App maximizes your sailing experience in an innovative, user-friendly, and now device-free way,” says CEO Kim Coster and Chief Design Officer Kalle Coster

Improve your skills; track your adventures

Users can easily start and finish recording their trip with a simple tap of a button. Instantly relive your trip on a clear map, analyze your data, compare it with others, and explore your highlights and statistics such as manoeuvres, distance, and total time.

Enhance your activity by adding exciting photos or videos and be inspired by the extraordinary fusion of data and media. Push your limits, compete with others on the leaderboards, and become part of our lively community, connecting with like-minded individuals.

MAX (Mini)

Despite the fact that tracking a trip no longer requires a separate device, Sailmon’s instruments offer several advantages over a phone. Firstly, these innovations are equipped with powerful sensors, allowing them to generate a greater amount of data. Moreover, their battery life surpasses that of a phone, providing extended usage.

Additionally, the MAX Mini possesses the capability to share data in real-time, while the MAX conveniently showcases your preferred data such as Heel & Pitch, Header/Lift, and VMG.


In addition to wind and water, Sailmon is a new element that makes sailing and other watersports more fun and challenging. For everybody. From their founder and three-time Olympic sailor Kalle Coster to beginner sailors. From adventurers, racers and explorers to recreational sailors.

Sailmon uses its technology to revolutionize sailing, making it even more challenging. They develop hardware and software, but they are most proud of creating a new sailing experience, new ways to push the limits. Sailmon believes that capturing and sharing your performance makes you a better sailor.

Nobody gets inspired by untold stories. No-one gets challenged by unrecorded performances.

Free tracking is currently only available on iOS.
Download the Sailmon App via the App Store.

The Sailmon App is also compatible with iPad for a broader view.

Information Free Tracking: sailmon.com/free-tracking

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