SailGP is pleased to announce a partnership with Graphite Additive Manufacturing, joining the annual, global sports championship as Official 3D Printed Composite Components Supplier.
The partnership will see Graphite Additive Manufacturing supply 640 vital components to the high-speed F50 catamarans for SailGP Season 2, starting April 2021.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is a professional 3D printing bureau specializing in building complex designs in high performance, functional materials; built to withstand the elements. The team of experienced engineers worked with SailGP to find the best technology, material and finishing combination to meet their requirements.

The components built so far range from cooling intake and distribution components – that are key to maintaining hydraulic pump temperature – to brackets and housings that mount the electronic displays, switch panels and flight controllers. Graphite Additive Manufacturing is supplying parts for all eight of the national teams’ one-design flying boats that are piloted by the sport’s best athletes.

Nathan Libby, Head of Electronics, SailGP said: “We chose Graphite Additive Manufacturing because of their advanced manufacturing capabilities and strict quality control procedures that ensure the parts required by SailGP arrive on time and to our strict weight tolerances – a critical element to our uniform, one-design racing. The knowledge and expertise they have, along with a proven track record, has brought new levels of design capability and reliability to our fleet.”
Parts will be supplied in the SinterWorx G4 SLS material – a reinforced plastic which was developed by Graphite Additive Manufacturing as a high-performance material. SinterWorx G4 was selected by SailGP due to its excellent mechanical properties and saltwater resistance. The material is lighter than comparable glass filled nylon materials and has a sleek, dark grey surface finish.

The parts are being finished with two options – cosmetic and sealed finish. The cosmetic finish will give the parts a more uniform appearance, while the proprietary hand sealing will make the parts water and solvent resistant, making them perfect for application on the race boats.

Kevin Lambourne, MD at Graphite Additive Manufacturing said: “We are delighted to have been selected as a partner to work with SailGP on this cutting-edge racing championship. It’s been great to see SailGP embrace our technology and use it on so many different components on the race boats. We wish all the teams the very best of luck for this season and we will be following them closely.”

SailGP Season 2 commences with the Bermuda Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess on April 24-25, 2021.