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SAIL.ME helps make your boat profitable

SAIL.ME helps make your boat profitable

Flexible, easy to use and secure,SAIL.ME is the new interactive boat rental service that makes it easy for owners to monetize their yachts.

Owners simply need to register their yachts on the SAIL.ME site

Operating in the US and Europe,SAIL.ME offers owners and guests a wide selection of additional services, making boat chartering easier.

Five ways SAIL.ME helps yacht owners monetize yachts.

Create adventure itineraries

SAIL.ME‘s list of additional services includes the option to establish preliminary routes for guests to follow on excursions and private trips.

Customize the experience with add-ons

Unlike many other yacht charter companies, SAIL.ME offers owners a wide selection of additional services when booking. These complimentary services allow owners to include local port taxes, tips, and additional insurance. Guests are also offered a range of additional services to add to their trip, from easily booking a DJ or provider for their boat party to renting scuba and snorkeling equipment for their trip.

User friendly experience

Sail.me offers the best user-friendly experience, with a website version and an app for iOS  Android users. Making it even easier for owners to manage their listings, prices and availability. connect and book at any time.

Advanced price management

SAIL.ME‘s price management provides maximum flexibility. The pricing and availability calendar allows owners to implement flexible pricing plans and change the rental price of their yacht based on demand, season, and even days of the week. WithSAIL.ME, there is no need to charge a flat fee or daily rental demand.

Simplified transactions

Owners can rest assured that there are no hidden costs or fees. The online system processes instant payments through a secure gateway, ensuring authentication and fraud prevention. The owners have no need to make transfers directly.

For owners who want to monetize their boats, there is no easier, safer or more flexible way thanSAIL.ME

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