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Rolex Giraglia 2021 Act One Started


Rolex Giraglia 2021 Act One Started

The fleet of 88 boats entered in the connecting regattas departed from Genoa and Saint-Tropez (54 from Italy and 34 from France) to converge on San Remo, where everything is ready to host the participants in the 68th edition of the Rolex Giraglia.

Bright conditions distinguished the two departures, with the Genoese fleet slowly taking off towards a disconnect buoy located 2 miles to the east and then turning the bow towards San Remo. The analyzes of the navigators of the largest and lightest ships, such as Arca Fondi SGR by Furio Benussi and Pendragon by Carlo Alberini, indicated an expected travel time between 12 and 15 hours before departure to reach the City of Flowers. Everyone’s goal is to get to the Savona area as soon as possible to catch a more stable wind along the way.

If the heavier boats struggled a bit at first, after about half an hour the wind started churning the surface and thus allowed everyone to start accelerating and moving towards the finish line. Very heterogeneous fleet, with crews from 33 different nations and with the headquarters of the Italian Nautical Club and the Société Nautique de Saint Tropez that, during yesterday and today, assumed the ‘sporty’ configuration, opening up to the ‘peaceful invasion’ of numerous Sailors, never like this year eager to return to the sea.
“It will be a very complex regatta – said the navigator Ambrogio Beccaria aboard the Felci 61 ITA102 paired with Tommaso Chieffi shortly before the start) – the difference will be above all in the ability of those who, first, will be able to reach the Savona area where wind reinforcements are expected from midnight. ”

The Rolex Giraglia, for the first time, is on the television landscape with daily connections from land and sea. For the start of the two approach races, 8 cameras counted the highlights that were broadcast live on Primocanale – Canale 10 digital terrestrial – and on the YouTube channel Yacht Club Italiano.

The Rolex Giraglia 2021 is available every day until June 19 at 8:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

The program

Monday June 14
H 10:00 / 18:00 Registration at Yacht Club Sanremo;
Tuesday June 15
H 09:00 / 18:00 Registration at Yacht Club Sanremo;
H 17:00 Presentation of prizes for approach regattas;
Wednesday June 16
H 12:00 Start Rolex Giraglia / Rolex Giraglia X2;
Saturday June 19
12:00 H: Rolex Giraglia award ceremony at the Italian Yacht Club in Genoa.

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