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Quotes of the Day – Final 41st Copa del Rey MAPFRE

Quotes of the Day – Final

A summary of what the champions of the 41st Copa del Rey MAPFRE have told us on their arrival at the RCNP at the end of the last day of competition.


Javier Sanz (ESP), owner of Palibex – Elena Nova (ESP), winner of Majorica ORC 1:
“We are very happy to have won. For us it is very important that the King takes part in this regatta, and he has participated every day. And secondly we are delighted because he has done very well, we knew that our rival was the Aifos from the beginning, and in the end he has consolidated his good performance and finished second. It is a very old TP52 but they have done very well, they have sailed very well all week. I knew Aifos would be the enemy to beat. This time we were better”.

Diogo Cayolla (POR), tactician of Scugnizza (ITA), winner of Majorica ORC 3:
“The boat is quite competitive but the team is really super. It is very different to one design as you are always having to wait on the smaller boats to see how you have done, but this is a very good boat with a super good team.”

Scott Beattie (GBR), owner of Just the Job (GBR), winner of Majorica ORC 4: 
“This is the first time we have won the event as normally there is no Class 4 so we are, as they say in football, ‘over the moon’….To win here you need a good boat, good sails and a great crew and we have all of these things….and you have to have a little bit of luck which we did winning on tie-break.”

Marcus Brennecke (GER), owner-helmsman of Hatari (GER), winner of ClubSwan 50:
“We started again by finishing the preliminary series in fourth place – we could have done better then – but we re-focused and got to it, and then had an OCS yesterday but again we re-focused again today and did the job. It was great to have my daughter with us on her 10th birthday. But we had to fight back today in the second race to get second. This is so special to win here because I have been in Palma so many times and today it was special to have my son and my daughter on that. She was the lucky mascot!”

Pedro Vaquer (ESP), owner and helmsman of Nadir (ESP), winner of ClubSwan 42 :
“In every regatta we see more level. Each time, it gets more difficult. Here it was very competitive, it was decided in the last race. Pez de Abril started very strong, but so did the others. Today we won the first race, but if Pez de Abril had won and we finished fifth, they would take the title. I have seen a very different bay of Palma, I don’t remember anything like that, in terms of temperatures, winds,… Very different, but very beautiful, I liked it a lot. I’m very proud of my crew, we’ve had an unrepeatable year and a half, I couldn’t ask for more”.

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