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Quarter of a century next year, Les Voiles forever!

When the planets of the sailing galaxy are aligned! Gorgeous sunshine, breeze, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez as a backdrop, the most beautiful Maxi, Modern and Classic yachts in the world, sailors from all different backgrounds, a sociable atmosphere leading to lifelong friendships, such are the ingredients of a magical concoction, which once again resulted in a crazy week in Saint Tropez.

This year, the 25th edition offered a new 10-day format, from Friday 29 September to Sunday 8 October, in which the Maxis were the first to hit the racetrack, followed by daily races for the Modern and Classic yachts off Le Portalet.

Every single day, Georges Korhel, Principal Race Officer and Pierre Roinson, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, managed to rally together their teams from the far end of the gulf to Les Issambres and Cavalaire, and set the perfect courses for the conditions and types of yacht.

Their clockwork precision meant that the main winners were enjoyment and fun both out on the water and ashore, where the new village made its welcome debut on the Jean Réveille Jetty. This simple and honest cocktail was devoured with relish by some 3,000 sailors aboard 250 Classic, Modern and Maxi yachts. For many, Les Voiles rounds off the racing season, but for Pierre Roinson and his teams, thoughts are already turned towards 2024 and the 25th anniversary of Les Voiles.

Pierre Roinson, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez
“I’ve been particularly struck by the sheer scale and enthusiasm of the crowds throughout the week both dockside and along the seawalls. Naturally, the weather had a lot to do with that, as we’ve been really spoilt by this Indian summer. However, all those involved, the sailors, owners and partners, agree that we’ve rediscovered the spirit of the Nioulargue that we fittingly celebrated with the return of Pride, which hadn’t been seen in Saint Tropez for 22 years. The music, the festivities, the friendly banter among the different crews of an evening, the desire to make the most of the occasion and share the joy of sailing here, in the gulf, on the most beautiful boats in the world, were all truly infectious. The sporting aspect has been a complete success too. All the classes sailed every day! We’ve already been speaking with the classes, as the organisation team is keen to continue raising its game and 2024 will bring its share of changes and ensure we go from strength to strength…”

Georges Korhel, Principal Race Officer
“It’s fair to say that you’d have to go back a long way to recall the last time we validated one race a day, including on Challenge Day. The teams both on shore and on the water rose to the challenge admirably. Our courses worked well and enabled the racers to really enjoy themselves. The geostationary marks are a massive benefit in that regard. Putting together the different groups, especially among the Classic yachts, is a lengthy process, which we’re continuing to work on so that racing for each group is both competitive and fair play. It’s not easy when the fleet represents over 150 years of naval architecture. In any case, it proved to be a showstopping spectacle and Les Voiles attracts more and more of the top names in yachting…”

Jens Kellinghusen, owner of Varuna 1939, winner of the Rolex Trophy
“It’s a great pleasure to win here as Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez is an unmissable meet in our race schedule. I’ve owned Varuna for 6 years and I sail here with friends who are all amateurs. It’s incredible to have won all the races as we were up against some stiff opposition. The Rolex Trophy group was very evenly matched and it was magical to sail against 11 fabulous Yawls. The race zone is fantastic and the soirées in Saint Tropez are wonderful. This Rolex Trophy means the world to us.”

Results of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2023

Town of Saint-Tropez Cup: Wallyno

Maxi A: Byblos Trophy
1- Cannonball, Peter Harrison, 8 pts
2- North Star, Peter Dubens, 11 pts
3- Galateia, Chris Flowers, 13 pts

Maxi B: Galeries Bartoux Trophy
1- Lyra, Terry Hui, 5 pts
2- Rose, Sven Wackerhagen, 10 pts
3- Aragon, Thomas Biton, 11 pts

Maxi C: Barons de Rothschild Trophy
1 – Wallyno, Benoit de Froidmont, 4 pts
2- Lady First III, Jean-Pierre Dréau, 9 pts
3- Sud, Lorenzo Muratore, 12 pts

Maxi D: Highfield Trophy
1- Stella Maris, Matteo Fossati, 5 pts
2- Sao Bernardo, Jérome Bataillard, 10 pts
3- Saida, Juerg Scheindern 11 pts

Modern yachts
Town of Saint Tropez Trophy: Long Nose XI – Yves Ginoux

North Sails Trophy: IRC B
1- Daguet 2, Peter Byford, 11 pts
2- Lazy Dog, Sergio Sagramoso, 12 pts
3- Mistral Gagnant, Marco Emmanuele, 12 pts

BMW Trophy: IRC C
1- Nanoq, Prince Frederik of Denmark, 7 pts
2-Daguet 3, Frédéric Puzin, 8 pts
3- Arobas2, Gérard Logel, 11 pts

Suzuki Trophy: IRC D
1- Long Nose XI, Yves Ginoux, 5 pts
2- Cocody, Richard Fromentin, 6 pts
3- Wallis, Frédéric Bouillon, 13 pts

Les Marines de Cogolin Trophy: IRC E
1- Expresso 3, Guy Claes, 9 pts
2- King of Blue by Sensation, Pascal Fan, 10 pts
3- Letto Di Petto, Jorgen Preuss, 17 pts

Yacht Club de France Trophy: Eugenia V

Classic yachts
Rolex Trophy: Bermudan Yawls
1- Varuna 1939, Jens Kellinghusen, 3 pts
2- Comet, William Woodward Fisher, 7 pts
3- Stormy Weather, Christopher Spray, 8 pts

Chateau Saint Maur Trophy: Big Boats
1- Tuiga, Daniel Pereira, 3 pts
2- The Lady Anne, Richard Le May, 5 pts
3- Mariska, Dan Poljsak, 8 pts

Mercantour Trophy: Epoque Aurique
1- Spartan, Aladin Montel, 3 pts
2- Oriole, Juan Carlos Eguiagaray, 10 pts
3- Marga, Matteo Taconi, 10 pts

SNSM Trophy: Epoque Marconi
1- Blitzen, Charles Dunstone, 5 pts
2- Carron II, Angelo Mazzarella, 9 pts
3- Falcon, Paulo Mirpuri, 10 pts

Ekle Trophy: Marconi
1- Il Moro due Venezia, Massimiliano Ferruzzi, 4 pts
2- Encounter, Bart Widower, 4 pts
3- Sagittarius, Frédéric Laffitte, 9 pts

Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez Trophy: 12mR
12mR AB:
1- Kiwi Magic, Johan Blach, 4 pts
2- French Kiss, Christophe Babule, 4.70 pts
3- South Australia, Yann Delplace 7 pts

12mR CD:
1- Nyala, Patrizio Bertelli, 3 pts
2- Ikra, Hugues Destremau, 5 pts
3- Seven Seas of Porto, Marcus Kemp, 9 pts

Pépinières du Golfe Trophy: by invitation
1- Maria Giovanna II, Jean-Pierre Sauvan, 5 pts
2- Jap, Harold Cudmore, 6 pts
3- Resolute Salmon, Walker Pizzoli, 6 pts

Club 55 Cup Maxi
My Song (def Magic Carpet 3)
Historical Club 55
Ikra (def Pride)
Classic Club 55
France (def Hermitage)

Crew procession: Moogli – all-women crew

Photo competition:
1st prize: Romain Môles – wins a Nikon Reflex
2nd prize: Caroline Melchior
3rd prize: Sidonie Gachet
4th prize: Dominique Poutrain


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