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PredictWind weather alerts – New feature

 PredictWind weather alerts

Do you want to know when your perfect weather conditions are coming up? Or be alerted to actual wind changes happening in real time via our extensive live observations network?

Now you can, with all New Weather Alerts from PredictWind.

We all lead busy lives and don’t always have the time to be checking the forecast for the perfect conditions. If you are passionate about being on the water, you really need to plan ahead and book this time into your busy schedule.

The New Weather Alerts can be configured for both the Forecast and the Observations. Forecast Alerts allow you to set your desired conditions in the future and be alerted when these conditions are met in the forecast, you can be alerted via App or Email with a calendar invite, you can then lock in the calendar invite.

Observation Alerts can be used to let you know what is happening right now, via our extensive real time Observation network. Be alerted when any set parameters are triggered at an Observation point. Set your parameters for extreme weather, changes in direction, or the breeze starting to build, so you can get out on the water. Literally any scenario can be set up to trigger an alert.

Get more from your time with the PredictWind alerts.

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