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Persico 69F Cup , first day.

Persico 69F Cup

ITAS Assicurazioni GP 2.2 first day

A day of forced rest: day 1 of the ITAS Assicurazioni GP 2.2, the new stage of the 69F Persico Cup, was characterized by a great absence, the wind.
The fleet and crews had to remain ashore as Lake Garda today offered only sporadic peaks of 3-4 knots of northeast winds.

The appointment with the foils has been postponed until tomorrow at 08:30 hours.


FLYINGNIKKA 47 CREWS: Roberto Lacorte, Ruggero Tita, Lorenzo Bressani, Enrico Zennaro

FLYINGNIKKA 74: Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo De Felice, Andrea Fornaro

AZZURRA: Ettore Botticini, Federico Colaninno, Erica Ratti, Francesca Bergamo

FP.SAILING: Alessandro Caldari, Giacomo Bandini, Lorenzo Franceschini

RHKYC TEAM AGIPLAST: Calum Gregor, Nicolai Jacobsen, Maria Cantero



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