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ORC Double Handed World Championship in Barcelona

ORC Double Handed World Championship

The  Royal Yacht Club of Barcelona started the second and final race of the 2023 ORC Double Handed World Championship, which conclude Friday.

The long offshore race has a scoring coefficient of 1.5, and the short offshore race has a coefficient of 1.0. The combined scores of both races will determine the new ORC Double Handed World Champions in each of the three classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C, grouped by size and weighted speed.

The start was scheduled for 11 o’clock, but the lack of wind forced a delay. It wasn’t until an hour and a half later, when a southeast wind at 8 knots finally allowed the race to begin. Class A started at 12:35 pm, Class B at 12:40 pm, and five minutes later, Class C joined the competition.

In total, 53 boats from 9 countries embarked on the northeast journey following route number 5, from Barcelona to ODAS Blanes, with a return to Barcelona, covering a total of 63 nautical miles, in addition to a mark rounding at the start, adding 2 miles to the course.

By mid-afternoon, Duende 50, #Urbania, and HM Hospitales were leading Class A, while Red Ruby, Cometa, and Shaka were at the forefront of Class B. In Class C, Chica Txeca, Asterix, and Fragil V stood out as the leading competitors.

The first boats are expected to start arriving in the evening, and the competition is set to continue until the early hours of Friday.

Summary of results after one race:


Class A (15 boats)

1. ES TES UNNO (Dufour 44) – Pep Soldevila y Pol Servent (ESP)

2. MAGICA (X-41) – Marco Corno y David Belda (ITA)

3. KORRIGAN 4 (X-46) – Joan Balaguer y Alex Fernandez (ESP)


Class B (22 boats)

1. RED RUBY (SunFast 3300) – Jonathan McKee y Peter Isler (EE. UU.)

2. INTEMAN (Figaro 2) – Jose Daniel Martin y Didac Costa (ESP)

3. COMETA (X-35) – Lluis Blanchar y Pablo Calbeto (ESP)


Class C (17 boats)* La Clase C ha cambiado sus resultados a raíz de una inspección de medición.


1. O’MARYLOU (X-332) – Jesus de Miguel y Unai Cilleruelo (ESP)

2. TARTERITA (Sun Odyssey 36i) – David Garcia y Jordi Bosch (ESP)

3. CHICA TXECA (SunFast 3200) – Toni Pons y Josep Pons (ESP)


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