NOAA Seeks Help Predicting New Magnetic North , offering $ 30,000


NOAA Seeks Help Predicting New Magnetic North

NOAA is offering $ 30,000 in prizes to those who can help them better forecast changes in Earth’s magnetic field.

The efficient transfer of energy from the solar wind to the Earth’s magnetic field causes geomagnetic storms and increases errors in magnetic navigation.

As a key specification of magnetospheric dynamics, the Dst (Disturbance-Storm-Time Index) index is used to drive geomagnetic disturbance models such as the NOAA / NCEI High Definition Geomagnetic Real-time Model (HDGM-RT).

In addition, magnetic surveyors, government agencies, academic institutions, satellite operators, and power grid operators use the Dst index to analyze the strength and duration of geomagnetic storms.

Contest participants will be asked to create a model that can predict Dst in real time for both the current and the next time. For example, if the current time interval is 10:00 a.m. M., You must predict the Dst for 10:00 a.m. M. And 11:00 a. M. Using data until 10:00 a.m. M., But not including them.

Finalists will be determined by their performance in the private test pool.

These participants will then have the opportunity to submit their code for auditing using an out-of-sample verification suite.

The top 4 eligible teams to pass this final check will share $ 30,000 in cash prizes.