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New York to San Francisco solo record attempt

As you may remember, last year Ryan Finn attempted a single-handed journey from New York to San Francisco on his 36′ Proa Jzerro. Due to some complications along the East Coast, Ryan had to postpone his journey.

However, with his unquestionable perseverance and preparation, he will be making his second attempt this January 2022!

Ryan’s 36′ Proa Jzerro features Colligo Marine Extra Lightweight Headsail Furling (ELHF) Systems, Engineered Synthetic Standing Rigging, Torque Rope for the storm job, and Colligo Dux Running Rigging.

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Ryan’s plan

Ryan will be venturing out to San Francisco via Cape Horn early January 2022. He will be attempting the word record for the fastest single handed route to San Francisco. The current record for this trip is 81 days, and Ryan plans on making it in just 70 days!

“I am feeling pretty confident that this can be done,” Ryan Finn explains.

He will be departing from New York and is heading down to South America, hugging the Atlantic Coast. Once there he plans on working with the weather routers and getting around as fast and as safe as possible.

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