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Unveiling the new North Sails logo

North Sails, the international sailmaker, watersports and lifestyle clothing brand, launches a brand-new logo that brings together its brands, and the new SS24 apparel collection that is another step in its Ocean Positive journey.

Demonstrated in its new logo, North Sails lives at the intersection of wind and water. It marks a fundamental shift for the North family of businesses, which is bringing together Sailmaking, Apparel and Action Sports into a united, unified brand.

The new logo embodies a legacy of innovation and pioneering ethos that defines the brand’s DNA, helping its communities and athletes to drive high performance and look beyond the horizon.

This iconic emblem not only reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainable innovation, but also encapsulates its enduring spirit of exploration.
Across Sailmaking, Apparel and Action Sports, wind and water endure as fundamental elements of the North Sails identity, fostering connections among diverse communities on and off the water.

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