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New look, new faces for the 52 SUPER SERIES champions


When the 2023 52 SUPER SERIES season opens on May 2nd with the first races of the 52 Super Series Saint-Tropez Sailing Week, the first of five regattas this year, it will be a very different crew line up aboard the defending champions.

‘Quantum Racing, powered by American Magic’ take up the challenge of retaining both the 2022 circuit title and the Rolex TP52 World Championship which won by Doug DeVos’ USA- flagged team last year, doing so with an impressive record of victories in four of the five events.

The new Quantum Racing, powered by American Magic brand reflects a changed focus, now incorporating the best new, young American talent into the established susccessful line up of top global talent. Their objective is to enhance the skills and experience of up and coming talent by racing the TP52 on the world’s leading grand prix monohull circuit.

So while big names like tactician Terry Hutchinson and strategist Lucas Calabrese are now fully focused on winning the 37th America’s Cup with American Magic, a group of young sailors are aleady integrated into the team and were training early April in Valencia along with new tactician John Kostecki.

Among the new faces are Harry Melges IV who will steer Quantum Racing, powered by American Magic , Victor Diaz de Leon is navigator-strategist who will work closely withnew tactician, America’s Cup and Ocean Race winner, Kostecki who guided Platoon to two TP52 World Championships. Sara Stone sails on the mid bow and new grinder is Scott Ewing.

Management of expectations is key for Saint Tropez and the first events. Often the class warms up early May at Palma Vela but this 2023 season starts earlier than usual and so straight away it will be something of a baptism of fire on the Gulf of Saint Tropez for the young sailors, many of whom are from skiff, sportsboat and foiling classes.

Ed Reynolds, Team Director, is confident the new crew will integrate quickly and smoothly but the fine detail of communications and boat placment and timing may take a couple of events,

“The pleasing thing is they are all so into it and enthusiastic. The difficult thing with a bigger group coming in is just getting them used to the equipment. I don’t think any one of them except for Sara had previous experience of a TP52 before and so it is about learning the boat; when you can slow them down and when you can speed them up. All those little things that you can do, fitting in a Melges 24 into places where you can’t ever fit a TP52. That and probably the biggest thing is, and it happens all the time, is Victor Diaz de Leon – who is navigator-strategist – and John Kostecki getting the communication each of them wants. That will be a work in progress.”

Reynolds comments.

But Reynolds believes their boat speed will prove an important asset,

“I do think we will be competitive and strong. Last year we had probably the best year any TP52 has ever had so I don’t want to put pressure on anyone and say I think we will be doing that again. I am not making excuses but I think the first couple of events we are going to kind of be feeling our way but once we come through the first couple of events we should be good. And everyone on the team is so committed to it.”

Starting and the first upwind are often where races are shaped and this will be one of the man areas for work,

“The biggest thing I would say, if I have one concern, and it is a concern because I just don’t know, is how quickly we get the communication and the experience on the starting line. That is where you see new drivers, new teams struggle the most on the 52 SUPER SERIES.”

And he believes they have a solid, dependable and hugely experienced tactician in the American Kostecki who will be out to prove his capacity to win after being replaced on the Platoon team late last season.
Reynolds attests,

“Watching him over the years I think in terms of course management I have never seen anyone better than John Kostecki. I watched Platoon and they did not have terribly good starts and I would watch John turn eighths or ninths into third or fourths. And that is really important on the 52 SUPER SERIES. He has been on the circuit forever. He and Victor are not very alike at all, and so their communiction and their tempo and other things will need work, but looking at risk management and getting a boat out of a bad situation I have watched John for 15 years at least and he is as good as there has ever been.”

The 52 SUPER SERIES fleet are mustering in Saint Tropez preparing for the official practice race Monday 1st May, points racing Tuesday to Sunday. 11 team are expected to compete.

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