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Pershing 8X triumphed in the Motor Boat Awards 2021

Pershing 8X, X Generation, triumphed in the Custom Yachts category

An important new recognition for Pershing, who triumphed in the “Motor Boat Awards 2021”, a prestigious award given by experts.

During the virtual awards ceremony, Pershing 8X triumphed in the “Custom Yachts” category, by virtue of extensive performance tests and sea trials.

With 25.55 meters in length and 5.86 meters in beam, Pershing 8X is the result of the collaboration between the architect Fulvio De Simoni, and the Strategic Product Committee of the Ferretti Group.

Made from carbon fiber, allowing for lighter weight, more speed and less fuel consumption, the Pershing 8X features sporty, aerodynamic shapes, enhanced by signature Pershing elements such as the towering side wings and the aerodynamic profile of the sun canopy. The result is a sport flying yacht that combines unsurpassed standards of quality and innovation in an incomparable way.

The comfort on board is also extraordinary, thanks also to the many advantages offered by the system that integrates the propulsion control with the maneuvering, navigation and monitoring systems. With this model, “piloting” a Pershing, even at high speeds and without the captain’s support, is a fun and accessible thrill.

The Motor Boat Awards are organized by Motor Boat & Yachting and sponsored by Side-Power. Award-winning boats are evaluated solely on the basis of their design, layout, capacity and performance.

With this important recognition, Pershing confirms itself once again as a unique and appreciated brand throughout the world, thanks to a DNA increasingly projected towards design and technological innovation.

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