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Video: Terrifying moment when lightning strikes a boat off Florida

Seven people were rescued from a 39-foot fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico after their boat was struck by lightning.


The boat was located more than 100 miles off the coast of Clearwater, Florida, and was being tossed by 6-foot waves in torrential rain and relentless lightning.
About two hours after making the distress call, the US Coast Guard arrived by helicopter.

The ship’s skipper, Glen Rumer, shares images and details of his harrowing experience to highlight the importance of having the right safety gear on board for every voyage.

The US Coast Guard was able to respond and save all seven on board because Rumer used his Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) to send out a distress signal.

Moments before the lightning struck, Rumer warned local fishing charter captain Joshua Guy to take his hands off the metal cup holder he was holding, a warning that almost certainly saved his life. Guy, who was on board with his 25-week pregnant partner, was momentarily unconscious when the beam hit the stabilizers and traveled to the transom motor.

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