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International competitors descend on Sorrento for WASZP Games

Sorrento Sailing & Couta Boat Club, in collaboration with the World Association of WASZP (WASZP), is thrilled to announce the upcoming WASZP Games, set to take place on the pristine waters of Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. This much-anticipated event promises to be a spectacle of sailing prowess and camaraderie both on and off the water.

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With nearly 100 competitors from around the globe, including a formidable fleet of over 60 Australian contenders, the WASZP Games are poised to be a thrilling showcase of talent. Local favorites such as Tom Trotman, Ben Gunther, and Jack Felsenthal, all accomplished in their own right, will undoubtedly make their home turf proud.

In the women’s division, the talent is equally remarkable. Former 49erFX Olympian Tess Lloyd, a local favorite, will be joining the fleet at her home club. Hattie Rogers from the UK will also be making the journey to Sorrento, aiming to clinch the elusive crown and further raise the stakes in the women’s category.

However, the international competition is nothing short of spectacular. European Champion Markus Berthet from Norway will be leading the charge, alongside perennial podium-placers Ettore Botticini and Francesco Bertone, both hailing from Italy. From France Hippolyte Gruet from France sits 2nd on the Global Rankings as we head into the Games. The competition promises to be fierce as these sailors battle it out for supremacy on the water.

One of the most innovative aspects of the WASZP Games in the last 2x seasons has been the introduction of the beginners coaching group (Green Fleet), which has now been renamed the WASZP Hotlap Crew. This opens the event up to those of all skill levels intending to get sailors up to the standard of racing throughout the event. WASZP provides a head coach to coach this group in and around the event, including daily debriefs and on-water support during the event.

There is no additional cost on top of the event entry fee and if you would like more information please contact marc@kasail.com

Make sure you get your entry in racehub.waszp.com/eventdetail/191

The excitement extends beyond the races themselves. Sorrento is ready to host an incredible series of social events, starting with the Opening Ceremony on December 10th, following the Marathon and Slalom racing. A Spanish Fiesta on December 13th, after qualifying racing, promises an evening of lively celebration. Finally, the Closing Ceremony on December 15th will wrap up this spectacular event in style.

Sailors and spectators alike will have the privilege of enjoying the brand-new Sorrento Clubhouse, recently completed and providing a stunning backdrop for socializing and soaking in the picturesque surroundings.

Before the WASZP Games, the Australian Nationals will set the stage for the main event from December 7th to 9th, with an expected 80 boats participating, making it an exciting warm-up event.

Enter Nationals Now – racehub.waszp.com/eventdetail/221

The WASZP Games are set to be an unforgettable celebration of sailing excellence, international camaraderie, and the picturesque beauty of Sorrento. We invite all sailing enthusiasts and spectators to join us for this extraordinary event



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