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Final of 2021 Star Southern Hemisphere Championship

Star Southern Hemisphere

The Altolaguirre brothers, Leandro and Lucas are the 2021 Star Southern Hemisphere Champions! They earned their first Silver Star after an amazing scorecard of five bullets out of eight races and a huge 24-point margin over the second team, Diego Peisajovich with Javier Ciro, and 25 over the third, Fabian Mac Gowan with Nicolas Rosas.

The Championship, organized in Buenos Aires by Club Nautico Olivos and the ISCYRA, ended today with two more races, reaching the scheduled total of eight. The first race of the day was sailed with an offshore breeze of 12/15 knots at the start that increased up to 18/20 towards the end. There was a strong threat of ‘Pampero’ on the racecourse – a local wind that generally comes with a storm – but luckily it wasn’t the case.

The race was close between Diego Peisajovich with Javier Ciro and Alberto Zanetti with Gustavo Warburg and the Altolaguirre Brothers. They rounded the first windward mark in this exact order. Over the last three legs their positions changed and only in the last downwind Zanetti/Warburg extended enough to win the race, while the Altolaguirres finished in second place and were able to celebrate the win of their first Silver Star (the winners of a Continental Star Championship win a Silver Star they apply on the mainsail).

Leandro Altolaguirre: “I am very happy for today, there was very shifty wind from shore, but we managed to finish second in the first race of the day to mathematically win the championship, so we decided to spare the boat another race and we headed back in the harbor”.

Lucas Altolaguirre: “I am super happy to have won this, and honestly it took a long time and lots of work to get here. We were quite consistent this week and it allowed us to skip the last race and enjoy our very first Silver Star”.

The second and last race was sailed with a little less wind, about 10/12 knots, that was much shiftier than on the previous one.

Again, Peisajovich/Ciro were first at the top mark with Fabian Mac Gowan and Nicolas Rosas following in second and Julio Alsogaray and Lucas Carisimi rounding third. The race had some strong shifts in wind direction that affected the positions of the fleet. Mac Gowan/Rosas were able to win the last race, Hernán Monez Ruiz with Juan Ignacio Morand were second and Mariano Cambon with Guillermo Aporszegi third.

The successful week of sailing in Argentina ended with the traditional prize-giving. A Silver Star was awarded and the organizers of Club Nautico Olivos hope to see you all on the Rio de la Plata, the Silver River.

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