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Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo: joint venture to save Perini Navi

Perini Navi

Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo announce the creation of a NewCo in an equitable joint venture to take over Perini Navi, which was declared bankrupt by the Lucca Court on January 29.

Through NewCo, Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo, world leaders and expression of Italian nautical excellence, have expressed their interest in formulating an offer that includes the acquisition of the Italian brands, assets and activities of Perini Navi, also possibly through the rental of the company’s branch, so as to ensure a more agile and rapid recovery of productive activities and the maintenance of employment levels.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group

“An important day for Italian navigation, for the employees and the families of Perini Navi. Passion, experience and unique skills that will remain protected in this way. As well as the related industries of Perini Navi, which today is safeguarded, made up of many suppliers to whom it will be returned and peace of mind will be assured ”, commented lawyer Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. “As a Ferretti Group, we are constantly looking for excellence and skills that integrate with our own: often, as in the current case, we find them in Italy. We are sure that our commitment will translate into greater growth with beneficial effects on the territory and greater splendor for the Italian nautical industry. I also like to underline the historical importance of the alliance with Sanlorenzo,

Massimo Perotti Executive Chairman Sanlorenzo

“I started my sailing career in Viareggio precisely in the place and year in which Perini Navi was born a few steps away,” said Cav. Massimo Perotti, CEO of Sanlorenzo. “It was 1983 and since then I have always looked with great admiration at the business model of this extraordinary brand: boats of excellent quality, rigorously tailor-made for a limited number of experienced sailing experts. Characteristics of singularity that years later I found in Sanlorenzo. Due to these similarities and with the firm determination to save an Italian brand with an unrivaled history, in the interests of the territory and of all stakeholders, primarily employees and suppliers, I expressed from the first moment Sanlorenzo’s willingness to intervene for its relaunching. Today I am happy to be able to do it in association with the Ferretti Group. It is an alliance of historical importance for our sector, which I am convinced will have further developments and will be an example for other initiatives aimed at strengthening the leadership of our sector in the world ”.

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