Ever Given crew still trapped on ship Suez Canal

Suez Canal

The Ever Given crew is still trapped on the ship, and it could be years!

Representatives from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) boarded Ever Given on Sunday to check on the health and well-being of the crew.

They have been living on a beached vessel for almost a month, temporary hostages of a multimillion-dollar conflict involving a ship sailing under the Panamanian flag, owned by a Japanese holding company, operated by a German company, with Indian crew.

They are trapped in Egypt, in the Great Bitter Lake of the Suez Canal system.

The Ever Given freighter was stranded in the canal from March 23 to 29, causing the blockade of one of the world’s main commercial maritime routes.

Three weeks later, the 25 crew members on board the ship were still in good condition and even the International Federation of Transport Workers has been able to visit them on the boat, and they say they are “in a good mood.”

However, the crew feel in a delicate position and are understandably anxious to know if they will be able to return home as usual when their contracts end, the ITF statement explains.