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Dive record of 6 days

The longest dive of a diver in the sea in history, 6 days

A new diving record has been announced in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Diving instructor Saddam Killany has in fact broken the record for being in marine waters with scuba gear in the waters off Dahab, spending 145 hours and 30 minutes underwater.

The record attempt, followed by the entire Egyptian diving community, tourists and local citizens, started on November 5 and ended after 6 days.

The diver who had been training for years to break the previous record was supervised by a medical team

Those present assure that he spent those days doing gymnastics, practicing the art of underwater painting and praying.

In reality, Killany had planned to reach 150 hours below the surface, but the doctors preferred that it resurface a few hours earlier. In any case, the previous record, set in 2016 by the Turkish Cem Karabaym in Cyprus waters, had already been broken for almost 3 hours.

The recorded data, videos and photographs have been submitted to Guinness World Records for official approval.

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