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Cruise ship captain records UFO

Cruise ship captain records UFO near her ship

Captain Kate McCue showed a clip of her UFO sighting while she was crewing a cruise ship in 2020

Kate commented on the fact in an interview about captured images where you can see what she points to as a visitor from another galaxy.

“There was almost no wind at that time, no more than 5 knots (9 km / h), but this object was rotating around the axis of it and flew around our boat at a speed of about 25 km / h”

“It was not a drone, all of us who saw it are sure, there was no sound, it was flying completely in silence.”

“Then the object began to descend, about 400 meters from the stern of our ship and plunged into the water. We even thought about lowering the lifeboat, but there was nothing in the water, no debris, it just sank into the water and disappeared. ”


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McCue is currently the captain of Celebrity Edge, part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet, but her experience on the high seas goes far beyond just cruising.

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