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Clipper Race: Breeze on! Unicef battles the North Pacific Ocean

Clipper Race Round the World

The weekend was wet and wild for many of our teams as they sailed into the North Pacific proper. Now the weather has calmed (hello wind holes), we’ve been receiving some of the incredible footage captured in the past week.

Round-the-worlder Danny Lee sent in a video report from on deck of Unicef.


Race Crew Danny said: “Early this morning (1 April), we made our move and turned right to cross the North Pacific proper. In the click of my fingers it went from balmy to absolutely barmy!

“We had an absolutely epic few hours. Starting at 50 knots, we soon went up to 66 knots over the bow, power reaching across a very rough sea state, crashing down awesome waves, the crew getting drenched, hanging on for dear life but whooping and chuckling the whole way through. It’s a day we’ll be remembering for a long time to come and it’s provided a little glimpse into just what the North Pacific will have to offer for the remainder of our crossing.”

Think you’d like to face conditions like this? Find out more at clipperroundtheworld.com.


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