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Click & Boat joins the Virtual Regatta challenge: the Vendée Globe race

Click & Boat joins the Virtual Regatta challenge: the Vendée Globe race

From real to virtual. Players from all over the world are already part of the well-known Vendée Globe race, yes, online, thanks to the Virtual Regatta page. The Click & Boat team, the leading boat rental platform, has decided to join the competition, which celebrates its ninth edition this year.
The challenge has already begun: the Vendée Globe 2020-2021 in Virtual Regatta has set sail from strength to strength! Among the participants, a first-class cast: from the Click & Boat team, the leading boat rental platform, to the French competitor and sailor, François Gabart and his team MerConcep.

The route of this race, which is often called “Everest of the Seas”, stretches for 40,075 kilometers around the world, and passes through three capes: Buena Esperanza, Leeuwin and Hornos, navigating the skippers first in the Atlantic Ocean, then through the Indian Ocean and ending again with the Atlantic.

It is expected that between 500,000 and 1 million players (451,000 players decided to “set sail” four years ago) will participate this year in the race around the world proposed by Virtual Regatta: the Vendée Globe. For its part, Click & Boat has decided to join the challenge. Offering the partner code CLICKANDBOAT gives players the possibility to customize their boats with their colors: pink and white. But this is not all!
Those whose sails bear the Click & Boat colors will also automatically participate in a draw. In Game? A Click & Boat voucher worth € 3,000 to be used on the platform. But in addition, on the other hand, the first three sailors who cross the finish line, will also be rewarded! The grand winner will receive a Click & Boat voucher worth € 500; The value of the voucher for the second participant to cross the finish line will be € 250; and, for the third to reach the podium, € 100 in Click & Boat credit.
To participate in the race, and challenge François Gabart, the entire Click & Boat team, and many other players from all over the world, you just have to enter the code CLICKANDBOAT before registering for the Vendée Globe, or even during the race. It doesn’t matter if you are already an expert in “e-sailing” or if you have just discovered this magnificent concept: Virtual Regatta is a free simulator accessible to everyone!

The simulator launched its navigators on November 8. And if you missed the starting gun … Don’t worry! You can join the race whenever you want, you just need to register, and you will automatically be placed in the middle of the peloton. Of course, do not forget to enter the code CLICKANDBOAT to have your personalized equipment and to participate in the raffle!

Good luck, participants!

About Click & Boat

Click & Boat is a boat rental platform, created in 2013 by two young French entrepreneurs: Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth. The start-up was born from an obvious observation: millions of ships spend their nights in ports costing their owners a lot of money. Thus, Click & Boat allows them to make their boats profitable, and the tenants to sail at a lower cost. The concept of “Airbnb of the ship” quickly seduced beyond the French coast and is experiencing strong growth in Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia. On the platform, currently more than 35,000 boats are rented, around the world.
Since July 2020, after the acquisition of Nautal, Click & Boat and its Spanish “partner” have become the world leader in boat rentals, with almost one million

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