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Class C30 boats in Ilhabela, Brasil

Two points separate the first three Class C30 boats in Ilhabela, Brasil

Caballo Loco, Loyalty and Kaikias Via Itália affirmed the competitiveness and balance of the C30 Class this weekend in the resumption of the Suzuki Ocean Sailing Cup

The C30 Class was once again the protagonist of the most exciting disputes of the weekend (19 and 20/9) in the penultimate stage of the year of the Suzuki Cup – Ilhabela Ocean Sailing Circuit. After four races, only two points separate the top three, led by Caballo Loco (7 points lost), followed by Loyalty (8) and Kaikias Via Itália (9). Loyalty, from Veleiros do Sul (RS) obtained two victories against one, of the other two vessels.

On Saturday, the south wind with gusts of 22 knots (40 km / h) provided the C30 Class with three spectacular races in the middle of the São Sebastião Channel, with three different winners. Loyalty (06) won the first, Kaikias Via Itália (03), the second, and the leader of the stage, Caballo Loco (01), the last race. The 2nd Stage of the Suzuki Cup will be concluded next weekend (26 and 27/9), with headquarters at the Yacht Club Ilhabela.


Safe return – Excited by the weekend’s disputes, the sailors celebrated their return to the regattas in Ilhabela, the National Sailing Capital. “It was very nice to see the group resuming activities and safely complying with sanitary protocols. It is our first championship at the Yacht Clube de Ilhabela (YCI) after six months of quarantine. The return was very well planned. Next weekend there will be more ”, exclaimed Dottori.

The other classes of the Suzuki Cup are led by Ginga, with only one point less than Conquest Ecom in HPE 25, Rudá (IRC), Zeus (RGS A) and Comanda (RGS C). This year there will be only three stages due to the cancellation of the June races. The decision will be for the last two weekends of November, in parallel to the Brazilian Championship of Class C30 that started in February, in Florianópolis.

Class C30 in the 2nd Stage of the Suzuki Cup (4 races)

1 – Caballo Loco – Mauro Dottori: 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 7 pp

2 – Loyalty – Alexandre Leal: 1 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 8 pp

3 – Kaikias Via Itália – Eduardo Mangabeira: 3 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 9 pp



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