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Charlie Dalin, first quotes on finishing

On his arrival into the Channel Charlie Dalin, first to finish the Vendee Globe said.

I am happy to have finished the race in the lead! And this is still a pretty incredible welcome……from nothing to this! I knew there would be some people, but I am surprised by this welcome.”

“ It is a magical race. It has changed me, I am not sure how yet, but it has. There are so many emotions, of such strength, things I have not felt before. It is so strong, I do not know how it will affect me, but for sure it will.”

“There are lots of ups and downs on the race with lots of things to fix, but it is wonderful experience. I have been through the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and past Cape Horn! the other day I went over my course, and it is incredible to all I have done, and I can remember all the manoeuvres. It is incredible how many things I have done. It makes me tired to think that I did all that.

Stage by stage you end up doing the impossible!

“ The toughest thing was to lose my port foil box casing when I was in the lead.  You see the water coming in and the alarms start going and I was checking the foil and realised I had lost the casing that guides it and called my project manager. That was a hard time. I thought I would find myself ending up Australia or New Zealand and I managed to work round the clock with the carbon, a whole day that was tough, then the storm in the Indian Ocean which was rough and tough and complicated.

The race was beautiful, a great battle with Thomas, with Louis at the end and with Yannick.

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