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Caribbean Foiling Championships – Day 2

Caribbean Foiling Championships at Orient Bay Beach, Saint Martin 

For this second day, riders completed a lap around Tintamarre island, a qualifying race for the last race of around the island taking place on Sunday. A great way to test skills, equipment and manage energy levels in strong wind conditions in Orient Bay.

A colorful show in Orient Bay

This morning, the 35 registered participants for the Caribbean foiling championships gathered for the technical and safety briefing, equipment rigging and a quick warm-up before getting into the water, offering a beautiful show for accompanying families and friends, and for tourists walking up the beach.

The bay is filled with colorful kites, sails and wings, with the kitefoil, wingfoil and windfoil represented, whose common point is the foil. By allowing the board to rise from the water, the runners quickly gain speed with a strong wind established at 22 knots and started runs in the bay to prepare for the day’s race: to complete a lap around the island of Tintamarre.

The total route is 14 kilometers direct, longer going upwind and tacking. The wingfoils did not go all the way around and stopped at a buoy at Tintamarre Point. After a recall start, the race is on for the wingfoils at 10:15 am, then for the leisure category windfoils and kitefoils, and for the professional category kitefoils at 10:30 am. They move away quickly, going upwind and making their mark in the race.




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