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Boat rental, a vacation option to take refuge from the pandemic.

Boat rental, a vacation option to take refuge from the pandemic.

Renting a boat, it is possible to explore new places, save on hotels and live a more “independent” experience.

There are offers to navigate Brazil, the Caribbean and Europe, from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000, depending on the boat and the destination.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding tourism, the desire to travel is stronger than ever. Boat rentals are the option, where inquiries grow for the summer.

The rental of boats already equipped is an option in tourism with a wide variety of budgets. They can be rented with or without crew from yachts, catamarans, sailboats, gulets, with capacity for 2, 8, 10 or up to 20 people.

There is a segment in catamarans and sailboats, which with the arrival of the pandemic began to appear as a replacement for hotel accommodation, offering personalized service of meals, walks in contact with nature and a private setting. a few months, and the yacht charter inquiries were growing in the current context.
Traveling by boat allows you to explore little-visited places, diagram your own itinerary, and without being tied to schedules. This experience of independence and privacy is what many people look for today.

Renting a boat allows you to save the hotel rate when sleeping in cabins, moving to different places, and accessing areas by water where others cannot reach.

There are stays of 2 or 3 days or a week.

The boats are offered tours of places where geography allows it with greater safety. In beach areas of Brazil, starting from Angra do Reis or Para Tí, and the Caribbean are the most classic and accessible. Also the most exclusive on the coast of Croatia and Europe.

We provide some reference prices, including boat rental, fuel, insurance, operating fee for cabins, ports of embarkation and disembarkation without crew or meals:

A 34 foot sailboat with two cabins, a bathroom, and capacity for 6 people, costs for five nights u $ s1000.
For a Jeanneau 469 sailboat, with four cabins, four bathrooms and capacity for 8 passengers, u $ s 3700 for five nights.
A 41 foot catamaran, with 4 cabins, two bathrooms and 8 passengers, $ 4200.
Option with crew (a captain on board): on a catamaran for 7 passengers, for five nights or $ S10,000
In the Bahamas, a boat for 8 passengers can cost from $ 3,500.
Also renting a boat for a day is another alternative consulted. There are departures with or without crew and always include the necessary elements for water sports, food and drinks.



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