The mysterious black hole of the Pacific Ocean


Google Maps Showing a ‘Black Hole’ in the Middle of the Ocean

A satellite image taken with Google Maps went viral after being published on Reddit and sparked all kinds of speculation because of its appearance, since the geographical feature looks like a “black hole“.

So Pacific Ocean is more hostile to spacecraft than a black hole? from TheOrville

what the FUCK this looks nothing like an island from GoogleMaps


By other users who identified the locality on a map, it was learned that its appearance is actually only an “optical effect”, that it was a bad satellite image of an uninhabited island in the Pacific, and a link to the GeoEye site was included that the shows clearer.


It is Vostok Island, part of the Republic of Kiribati that is made up of a series of atolls and coral islands. The island is protected as a sanctuary that houses important colonies of seabirds.

It is also considered to be the first country in the world to disappear as sea level rises, as a result of global warming.