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Apivia Team Working On A Repair Programme

Apivia Team Working On A Repair Programme

Charlie Dalin’s team reported this morning that they have been working on a repair idea, their statement says, “Since 1800hrs UTC yesterday, Charlie Dalin’s race has been on hold, while he inspects his Imoca, APIVIA. After hearing a loud noise, the boat that was leading the fleet slowed right down. He carried out an appraisal during the night and saw that the port foil was damaged, but that there was no ingress of water.

This incident does not appear to have been caused by a collision with an unidentified floating object and the port foil remains whole. The damage is to the lower support, where the foil rests as it leaves the boat. Charlie has therefore been focusing on strengthening the foil attachment to make sure the casing remains secure.

A crisis unit was set up in Concarneau by his team and they have been in contact with the skipper during the past few hours trying to find the best solution. Conditions in the area are expected to be favourable in the coming hours to allow Charlie Dalin to carry out these repairs. He gybed this morning to begin work and intends to return to race mode soon as possible.

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