Amancio Ortega sells his 76 million megayacht and buys one of 182


Amancio Ortega megayacht

Amancio Ortega, the first fortune in Spain, due to the furor among millionaires for the purchase of megayachts, has put his Drizzle on sale for 76 million euros.

The pandemic has not affected the wealth of the super-rich and superyachts have been considered a safe space for unrestricted travel.

The announcement of the sale of Amancio Ortega’s yacht says that the “‘Drizzle‘ is a 68.77 meter long yacht that was built by De Vries Aalsmeer. With a price of 76 million euros, it is listed among the 25 most expensive boats for sale today.

She has 68.77 meters in length, 11.2 in beam, 7 cabins, 9 for the crew, the interior of her was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon and is powered by two 2,000 HP MTUs.

In addition, Amancio Ortega also owns the yacht ‘Valoria B’ of 47 meters in length.

Amancio Ortega commissioned Feadship for a more modern yacht worth 182 million euros.