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Alex Thomson: “Jean Le Cam Is Unbelievable, Unbelievable”

Alex Thomson, ‘Jean Le Cam Is Unbelievable, Unbelievable’

Alex Thomson, GBR (HUGO BOSS) at 0500hrs CET.

, It was not very pleasant for sure, I would agree with the forecast that was given, so very windy and big seas, very gusty, not a very pleasant place to be. The seas? I was not looking at how big they were but on the way out (of the system) they were six, six and a half metres we are able to measure the height of the waves on board. I saw gusts to 60kts and sustained winds of 50kts for many minutes. You go there to be efficient to get through the low pressure, but as soon as you get near these kind of conditions, you just need to survive and not have any problems.

Jean Le Cam, Jean Le Cam is coming for me!

(Inside cockpit) It was much easier, efficient. But my god, Jean Le Cam, he is unbelievable. Unbelievable. To be where he is with that boat, at his age, it is unbelievable, brilliant.
There will be a gybe at some time to start heading south, probably some dinner and start catching up on some sleep, I have been looking forwards to this.
Right now I have 15-20kts from NNW, the seas are two metres and it is a nice night with some stars

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