ACWS. American Magic win race 2 against INEOS TEAM UK



New York Yacht Club American Magic win race 2 against INEOS TEAM UK


Just minutes before the start INEOS TEAM UK participation seemed in doubt as they reported technical problems, but with seconds to go they confirmed that they were now intending to compete.

Off the start, American Magic quickly gained the upper hand on the opening beat of this three lap race. By the time the Americans had reached the first gate they had pulled out a 50sec lead over INEOS TEAM UK. From here the race only went one way as New York Yacht Club American Magic increased their lead rapidly to well over 2000m midway through the race. Their lead was accentuated following control problems aboard the British boat that saw them lose control on one of the downwind legs.

“It’s completely locked out here, the rudder just lost grip,” said skipper Sir Ben Ainslie over the crew comms as Britannia crashed onto port following a gybe. And it wasn’t the last of their problems as control issues continued to dog their race.

In the meantime, American Magic cruised to victory 5min ahead.