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A Maxi 6.50 on fire

Quentin Mocudet, skipper of the Maxi 6.50 n°1015, saw his boat go up in smoke before his eyes at La Turballe where he was doing minor repairs.

Quentin Mocudet was gluing parts and cleaning winches when a paper towel caught fire, and the flames were spread rapidly by solvent vapors.

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This is how he relates it “On Saturday, November 26, I was giving the last touches to my boat before resuming training: DIY, gluing the companions to the hull, cleaning the winches with F gasoline. When suddenly a piece of paper towel fire. I try to suffocate him but in a matter of seconds the gasoline vapors ignite. The cabin is engulfed in flames and I barely have time to get off the ship. Luckily, I’m not hurt and I get away with two small burns on my ankles. It all happened so fast that I don’t even know how it happened. When I got off the boat, I knew we couldn’t stop this fire.


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