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Final of 2022 ILCA 4 Youth World Championships

ILCA 4 Youth World at Vilamoura

No races were sailed on the final day of the 2022 ILCA 4 Youth World Championships, due to lack of wind, which means double gold for Italy.

Nicoló Cassita, U16 sailor, and Ginevra Caracciolo were leading both divisions headed into today, and without any additional races to sail, they were named world champions.

Boys division: U16 Italian sailor Nicoló Cassitta won gold with 38 net points, Greece’s Dionysios Kalpogiannakis claimed silver also with 38 points, and Max Frank of the Netherlands locked in bronze with 48 points.

Girls division:  Italy’s Ginevra Caracciolo won gold with 28 net points, U16 Ukranian sailor Alina Shapovalova secured silver with 38 points, and Croatian Petra Marendic won bronze with 50 points.

This ILCA 4 Youth World Championship, hosted by Vilamoura Sailing, was the biggest ever ILCA event with 426 sailors from 42 countries. Vilamoura Sailing served 12,519 liters of water and 17,865 snacks, carried the ILCA trolleys 6,816 times on the slipway, registered 538 sailors and coaches in two days, and typed 23,004 sail numbers. Tomorrow, August 21, will mark the first day of equipment inspection at the 2022 ILCA U21 World Championship.

Overall Results:

Boys Division
1. Nicoló Cassitta (ITA) – 38 pts
2. Dionysios Kalpogiannakis (GRE) – 38 pts
3. Max Frank (NED) – 48 pts
4. Omer Vered Vilenchik (ISR) ¬- 49 pts
5. Massimiliano Antoniazzi (ITA) – 54 pts

Girls Division
1. Ginevra Caracciolo (ITA) – 28 pts
2. Alina Shapovalova (UKR) – 38 pts
3. Petra Marendic (CRO) – 50 pts
4. Hermionie Ghicas (GRE) – 65 pts
5. Adriana Castro Nunez (ESP) – 83 pts

Full results on: 2022ilca4youth.ilca-worlds.org

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