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2021 ILCA Masters World Championships – Day 3

2021 ILCA Masters World Championships

Three races were completed for all nine divisions today at the 2021 ILCA Masters World Championships. With the first warning signal at 9:00, it was an early start to try completing as many races as possible since the first two days brought unstable conditions. Day 3, however, brought a steady 6–10 knots with an average of 8 knots, so the sailors were able to finish all their races in time to have an empty boat park by 14:00.

All ILCA 7 divisions have a total of four races sailed. In the ILCA 6 fleets, the Apprentices, Great Grand Master, and Legends have sailed five, while the Masters and Grand Masters have four races under their belts. It is worth noting that with the completion of a fourth race, the first discard can be incorporated into scoring.

A highlight for the local fleet is the leadership of Spain’s “Josele” Doreste in the ILCA 7 Great Grand Masters division. The Canary Islander, Seoul Olympic gold medalist in the Finn class, has two firsts and two seconds and is just two points ahead of Great Britain’s Tim Law.

The other leaders in ILCA 7 divisions are Belgium’s Wannes Van Laer in the Apprentices division, USA’s Ernesto Rodriguez and Robert Hallawell in the Masters and Grand Masters fleets, respectively.

In ILCA 6 fleets, Great Britain’s Jon Emmett is dominating the Apprentices division with a straight picket fence; Swedish Stefan Eriksson is leading the Masters, although tied with Spanish Mónica Azón on overall points; France’s Gilles Coadou continues to lead the Grand Masters; American Bill Symes consolidated his lead in the Great Grand Masters fleet; and American Peter Seidenberg, holds first in the Legends division.

Steady conditions are forecasted for Day 4 in the morning, so the first warning signal will be at 9:00 again with two races scheduled.

See event website here for full results.

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