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11th Hour Racing Team : Request for foil change approved

Race Committee grants 11th Hour Racing Team’s request to replace damaged foils

Friday update:
The Race Committee for The Ocean Race has given permission for 11th Hour Racing Team to replace its foils due to damage.

“After examining the foils and considering the technical reports supplied by the team and speaking with their designers, the Race Committee is satisfied the damage to the foils on 11th Hour Racing Team could not be repaired in time for the start of leg 3. The request to substitute foils has been approved,” said Phil Lawrence, Race Director.


Thursday story: The Race Committee of The Ocean Race received a request to replace foils for Leg 3 from 11th Hour Racing Team at 0900 UTC on 16th February.

The Race Committee is currently reviewing the technical reports supplied with the request.

The Rules of The Ocean Race (Notice of Race 6.4) specify teams are only allowed to use one set of foils in The Ocean Race. However a team may apply for permission to replace a foil that “suffers serious damage that cannot be repaired before a Leg start”.

The statement from 11th Hour Racing Team can be found here.

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